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Dmitrii Adushev
A large telecom operator needed to increase its share in the regional market
A network of 300 stores was created from scratch, which ensured the capture of the required market share (from 15% to 30%).
Works performed
Created and implemented business strategies
Implemented network development strategy
An effective system of communication with all stakeholders has been created
Achievement of planned performance indicators of the trading network

Start up business
Case №1

A large logistics company is at a loss, it was required to turn the company into profit within a year.
Net profit growth by 3.5 times per year.
Works performed
Crisis management
Change of business processes and KPI
Increasing staff engagement
Implementation of changes
Optimization of the budget expenditures

Crisis Management
Case №2

A large pharmaceutical manufacturer faced a crisis of company growth and competitive pressure, in the process of changing management.
The composition of the heads of HQ and regions of 12 people has been prepared.
Completed works
Selected and formed a personnel reserve
Adjusted the strategic goals and mission of the company
Created common corporate values and organizational structure of the company
Mentoring support for the management team
Creation of an effective communication system within the management team

Management team training
Case №3

The owner of a trading company seeks to get out of "operational slavery" and create reliable management in the existing company by reallocating his time resources to new projects.
A new management structure has been formed in the company. A smooth transition of management from the owner to the Board of Directors was ensured.
Completed works
Owner coaching support
Analysis of the value and motivational profile of the management team
Selection and adaptation of the management team
Formation of operational management, KPI systems and dashboard
Optimization of business processes and internal communications in the management team

Transformation of the company management system
Case №4

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Expert, Top manager, Consultant, Tracker of Successful Teams, Speaker
Dmitrii Adushev